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ENT, Pain Management, OB/GYN, and Infections.

Koforidua Clinic runs a general practice unit with a team of two doctors. We provide community-based primary healthcare for every member of the family. Our team of doctors have good skills and experience also in ENT, Pain Management, OB/GYN, and Infections.

Family Practice Clinic

Family Practice Clinic 1 - Our Medical ServicesKoforidua Clinic has Family Practice to cater for patients and their families who require continuity of care and round-the-clock access to Family Doctors (also referred to as your Family Physician).
In addition to managing new-onset and chronic ailments, your Family Doctor offers routine health screenings and counseling on adopting a healthier lifestyle to reduce the occurrence of preventable illnesses like hypertension and diabetes in the long run.
When you need care from other Specialists, your Family Doctor will be there to guide and coordinate all aspects of your care. In a nutshell, your Family Doctor provides you a closer relationship than you may have with a regular GP. The Family Doctor works together with patients to achieve the best possible outcome using the most cost-effective means.
Often times, patients visiting the hospital will be assigned to a General Practitioner (GP) who’ll take care of the patient from diagnosis to treatment. In some cases, depending on the time of day, the patient may be seen by one GP initially and finish off by seeing a different GP who may have taken over the next shift.
Other patients who may come in as a Family to see a GP on their initial visit, may see several other GPs on their subsequent visits. This sometimes creates an inconvenience for patients and their families who prefer seeing a particular doctor each time they visit. This is where your Family Doctor comes in.

Who needs a Family Doctor?
Both existing and new patients are welcome to access the Koforidua Clinic’s Family Practice. For individuals and corporate executives whose families access the Centre and would prefer a consolidated approach to their healthcare needs, the Family Practice presents a perfect solution. The foundation of Family Practice is an ongoing, personalized patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care.
Family Doctors are dedicated to treating the person as a whole. They treat all organs, every disease, at all ages and both genders.

What are the benefits of having a Family Doctor?
Family Doctors know the key to maintaining long-term good health. This professional relationship spans many years. You will have access to your Family Doctor by mobile phone and email to improve your reach within and outside working hours.
Family Doctors help you stay healthy with an individualized plan of care. To develop your personal treatment plan, your Family Doctor will ask questions about your family health history and lifestyle to determine your health risk factors.
Research shows that people who have an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician (Family Doctors) have better overall health outcomes, lower death rates and lower total costs of care.

How do I sign up for a Family Doctor?
It’s easy.
You do not need to fall ill before you access the Family Practice.
Speak to any member of our Front Desk Team.
Mention that you would like to sign up for a Family Doctor for yourself and/or your family and they’ll be happy to assist.

Koforidua Clinic paediatric - Our Medical ServicesKoforidua Clinic’s paediatric specialist offers quality care to children and bring to bear vast experience in diagnosing and treating various kinds of disorders and diseases in children

Koforidua Internal Medicine clinics - Our Medical ServicesAt Koforidua Clinic, our physician specialists run the Internal Medicine clinics, and they manage all aspects of adult patients’ general health care. These physician specialists provide comprehensive care for people with undefined symptoms — such as shortness of breath, chest pain, abdominal pain and back pain — who need help in diagnosing their illness.

Koforidua Clinic Diabetes Clinic - Our Medical ServicesThe Koforidua Clinic Diabetes Clinic was established to meet the needs of people suffering from diabetes.
In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we have put together special diabetes team called the Diabetes Care Team (DCT). The Team carries out education programmes not only at our diabetes clinics and the Wards but also, embarks on outreach programmes. The weekly interactions between the Team and our diabetic clients have not only enhanced the cordial relationship that exist between this two, but has had great impact on compliance and blood glucose control.

The team is made up of

  • A General Practitioner
  • A Pharmacist
  • A Nurse
  • A Dietitian

hypertension specialists - Our Medical ServicesIf you have high blood pressure, hypertension specialists in the Hypertension Clinic work closely with you to help lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health.
Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, contributes to thousands of deaths every year, mostly due to stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney disease. The good news is that successful treatment of high blood pressure can greatly reduce your risk.
Our Hypertension Clinic at Koforidua Clinic offers you the latest advances in treating complicated high blood pressure.
Our hypertension specialists diagnose and treat both routine and rare causes of hypertension. Treatment usually involves changes in lifestyle, and, if necessary, drug therapy. Our clinic offers treatment for high blood pressure caused by:

  • Essential hypertension
  • Poorly-controlled hypertension
  • Stress-related hypertension
  • Secondary and hormonal causes of hypertension
  • Hypertension during pregnancy (preeclampsia).

Family Practice Clinic - Our Medical ServicesWe want everyone to be able to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health. Anyone can come to one of our clinics for an appointment with our nurses and doctors. Your visit will be confidential

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